What Is a Pour-Over Will? Learn With Angelique Friend


Estate planning is something that people don’t want to think of because death is not something that people enjoy discussing. However, the fact still remains that death is inevitable, and the world will go on even after you. This is when estate planning becomes important to ensure all your life’s earning is distributed as per your wish. Conventionally, people use wills for this purpose, but this doesn’t always work in cases of a living trust. Hence many are now considering pour-over will over conventional will. But what is this pour-over will all about? Let’s learn more about the subject with Angelique [...]

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What Is The Meaning of Funding a Trust? Learn With Angelique Friend


The worst thing about life is that you can never know when things might go south. It is beyond our control and also why people use estate planning. And it allows one to plan and prepare tasks to manage your asset in case of death or incapacitation. If you are someone who has been dealing with estate planning recently, you have likely come across terms like "funding a trust." But what does it mean to fund a trust, and how does it work? Let's learn more on the subject with Angelique Friend's probate and get better clarity on the matter. First [...]

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Angelique Friend: A Trusted Probate Professional, Trustee, and Fiduciary


When people are looking for trustees, fiduciaries, and probate professionals, they have a tough time relying on anyone and everyone. So, they look for professionals who are forthcoming and work with them on friendly terms. If you’re looking for such professionals, Angelique Friend can be the best solution to your probate-related issues. As a professional fiduciary, Angelique specializes in Probate Administration, Trust Administration, and Conservatorship. She is a licensed professional from the State of California. With years of experience in the probate world, she has helped several clients get through legal processes for conservatorship, powers of attorney, trust administration, probate, and [...]

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Angelique Friend – A Right Probate Specialist


Probate Service Inc. is a pioneer in the field of probate services. If you have any unresolved complaints regarding your probate situation, feel free to contact, and will walk the extra mile to help. Working with numerous people to resolve their probate issues, the attorneys at Probate Service Inc. became well-versed in the ins and outs of the processes. From managing the deceased’s estate to handling their trusts, our licensed attorneys take care of everything. We understand the issues in probate add to the grief of losing a loved one. So, our attorneys will work directly with the executor and ensure [...]

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Probate Services Inc. moves to new offices


Probate Services Inc., which specializes in conservatorships, guardianships, trust administration and probate administration, announces that the business has expanded and moved to new offices at 232 Village Commons Blvd., No. 11, in Camarillo. Services include trust administration including living trusts, special needs trusts and charitable remainder trusts; trust protector services; estate administration; professional conservator services; guardianships for people and estates; custodian services for minors’ assets; court accountings; Social Security and Veterans Affairs representative payee services; Medicare and insurance billing; and care management. Angelique Friend, president and owner of Probate Services Inc., has worked for various corporations as an internal [...]

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probate fiduciary Camarillo

Probate Services, Inc.
232 Village Commons Blvd. #11
Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone: (805) 604-1998

Trustee for Living Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Charitable Remainder Trusts Trust Protector Estate Administrator Guardianships for Person and Estates Custodian for Minor’s Assets Conservator of the Person and Estate. General, Limited and LPS Court Accountings Social Security – Representative Payee VA – Representative Payee Care Management

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