The passing of a loved one is a difficult time, and on top of emotional burdens, there are often legal and financial matters that need to be addressed. If you’ve been named as an executor in a will or a trustee of a trust, you have important responsibilities to fulfill. This blog post will guide you through the initial steps of probate and trust administration, with a mention of the services Probate Services Inc. can provide to help you navigate this process.

  1. Locating the Will and Trust Documents
  • Begin by searching for the original will and any trust documents. These documents will outline the deceased’s wishes regarding the distribution of their assets. Look in the deceased’s home for a safe deposit box or secure location where they might have kept important documents.
  1. Filing the Will with the Probate Court (if there is a will)
  • If there is a will, it typically needs to be filed with the probate court in the county where the deceased resided. Probate Services Inc., led by the experienced professional fiduciary Angelique Friend, can assist you with this process, which includes filing the proper paperwork and navigating court appearances.
  1. Identifying and Notifying Beneficiaries
  • The will or trust document will name the beneficiaries who are entitled to inherit assets. You are responsible for locating these beneficiaries and notifying them of their inheritance. Probate Services Inc. can help you ensure you reach all beneficiaries and provide them with the necessary information.

Additional Considerations

  • Inventorying Assets: Create a comprehensive list of the deceased’s assets, including property, bank accounts, and investments.
  • Securing Assets: Take steps to safeguard the deceased’s assets to prevent loss or damage. This may involve changing passwords and notifying financial institutions.
  • Debt Management: Identify and settle any outstanding debts of the deceased.

Probating an estate or administering a trust can be complex, and it’s wise to seek professional guidance. Probate Services Inc., under the leadership of Angelique Friend, a licensed professional fiduciary in California, can provide invaluable assistance throughout the process. Their services include:

  • Will and trust filing
  • Beneficiary notification
  • Inventorying and securing assets
  • Debt management
  • Estate and trust administration

Contact Probate Services Inc. today to schedule a consultation and ensure you are fulfilling your duties as executor or trustee efficiently and accurately.