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trustee for living trusts

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Mission Statement

trustee for living trusts

The mission of the CA Probate Service is providing personal attention, integrity, and expertise in your time of need.
Statement of Purpose: The purpose of Probate Services, Inc. is:

  • Ensuring the highest standards of ethics and practice
  • Maintaining high qualifications for membership
  • Requiring and providing continuing education of members
  • Enhancing awareness of and respect for the Professional Fiduciary Association of California and its members
  • Contributing to the development and support of effective regulation, legislation and licensing
  • Promoting communication among members to share resources
  • Mentoring new members

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Probate Services, Inc. is #1 in our industry. We serve as the top producing probate and fiduciary service in Camarillo and throughout California. Our influx of new clients has allowed us to grow as well as continue the ongoing care of each individual client. If you ever need to get a hold of us please visit our contact us page or call 805-604-1998.

Probate Services, Inc. & Financial Services

trustee for living trusts

Trust administration
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We provide Probate services. inc. & financial services

Conservator: Conservatorship

trustee for living trusts

A conservator is a person or organization chosen to protect and manage the personal care or finances, or both, of someone who has been found by a judge or family member to be unable to do so.

We help all kinds of conservatees. Many are elderly people, while some are young people with temporary or permanent mental or physical disabilities. They come from all walks of life and many cultures. What they have in common is that they are human beings who need help to live the best life possible; as your conservator Angelique and her team has passion in making this possible for all of our clients. Some whom are under conservatorship can no longer shop for food or cook; others need help bathing and dressing. Some need medical care of help cleaning the house. Others can’t drive and need help getting around. Some conservatees are isolated and in need of some social activities and contact with others. Still others under conservatorship have a hard time keeping track of their money or remembering to pay their bills. Some give away large sums of money to strangers; others need help managing their investments. As your conservator Angelique and her staff are here for all of these things and much more.

Trust administration: Administration

trustee for living trusts

Many accumulate assets and wealth in their retirement years; as your Trust Administrator we add them together and give them value. A properly drafted legal trust arrangement done by an attorney is a critical tool in estate planning so that your wishes may easily be transferred to a trustee. We can help with protecting assets and ensuring the distribution is done exactly you intended. Our goal is to protect you from excessive taxation and transfer costs while creating a detailed and charitable giving plan and managing your affairs after you are unable to. No matter what your trust goals may be Angelique Friend will sensitively honor your wishes while offering experienced and professional trust administration.

Estate Planning:

trustee for living trusts

An estate is the net worth of a person at any point in time alive or dead. It is the sum of a person’s assets – legal rights, interests and entitlements to property of any kind – less all liabilities at that time. The issue is of special legal significance on a question of bankruptcy and death of the person. Depending on the particular context, the term is also used in reference to an estate in land or of a particular kind of property (such as real estate or personal estate). The term is also used to refer to the sum of a person’s assets only. Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate during a person’s life. Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. Guardians are often designated for minor children and beneficiaries in incapacity. It overlaps to some degree with elder law, which additionally includes other provisions such as long-term care.

Our team ensures the estate planning process is done in a caring, sensitive and professional manner to take this burden off our client’s shoulders and reduce stress and worry. We will take care of you and your wishes when it comes to your estate planning.

What is a Fiduciary Duty

trustee for living trusts

The fiduciary as trustee has the responsibility of carrying out the terms of the trust as set forth in a trust document. A trust can be created by the language found in a will or a document created during life. Here you will find information on how our Fiduciary services can help.

Court Appointed Services

trustee for living trusts

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