In the intricate realm of estate planning and administration, Angelique Friend Probate stands out as a trusted and reliable service provider. Specializing in various aspects of trusts, guardianships, and estate management, Angelique Friend Probate plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless transition of assets and the well-being of individuals under their care. we will delve into the diverse services offered by Angelique Friend Probate, shedding light on their expertise and commitment to their clients.

  1. Trustee for Living Trusts: One of the core services provided by Angelique Friend Probate is acting as a trustee for living trusts. They play a pivotal role in managing and distributing assets as per the terms of the trust, ensuring the wishes of the trustor are honored with precision and care.
  2. Special Needs Trusts: For individuals with special needs, Angelique Friend Probate offers specialized services in the form of Special Needs Trusts. These trusts are crafted to safeguard the financial future of individuals with disabilities, providing for their unique needs without jeopardizing eligibility for government assistance programs.
  3. Charitable Remainder Trusts: In the philanthropic space, Angelique Friend Probate assists clients in establishing Charitable Remainder Trusts. These trusts allow individuals to provide for beneficiaries during their lifetime while supporting charitable causes, offering a thoughtful approach to estate planning.
  4. Trust Protector: Angelique Friend Probate serves as a trust protector, ensuring the ongoing integrity and compliance of trusts. This role involves overseeing trustees, safeguarding the interests of beneficiaries, and addressing any unforeseen issues that may arise during the trust’s lifespan.
  5. Estate Administrator: As estate administrators, Angelique Friend Probate takes on the responsibility of managing and settling estates. This involves navigating legal complexities, distributing assets, and fulfilling the decedent’s wishes in accordance with the law.
  6. Guardianships for Person and Estates: For individuals who are unable to make decisions for themselves, Angelique Friend Probate can be appointed as a guardian, taking responsibility for both personal and financial decisions on behalf of the incapacitated person.
  7. Custodian for Minor’s Assets: In cases involving minors, Angelique Friend Probate acts as a custodian for their assets. This service ensures the responsible management of financial resources until the minor reaches a predetermined age or meets other specified conditions.
  8. Conservator of the Person and Estate: For individuals who are no longer able to manage their personal and financial affairs due to incapacity, Angelique Friend Probate may serve as a conservator, taking on the role of decision-maker for the person and their estate.
  9. General, Limited, and LPS Court Accountings: Angelique Friend Probate provides comprehensive court accounting services, including general, limited, and LPS (Lanterman-Petris-Short) court accountings. These services ensure transparency and compliance with legal requirements.
  10. Social Security and VA, Representative Payee: Angelique Friend Probate acts as a representative payee for Social Security and Veterans Affairs benefits, managing these funds on behalf of individuals who may require assistance in handling their financial affairs.
  11. Care Management: Beyond financial matters, Angelique Friend Probate extends its services to care management, ensuring that the well-being and living conditions of their clients are monitored and addressed appropriately.

Angelique Friend Probate’s comprehensive suite of services reflects its commitment to providing holistic support in the complex fields of estate planning and administration. With expertise in trusts, guardianships, court accountings, and more, Angelique Friend Probate stands as a reliable partner in navigating the intricate landscape of personal and financial affairs.