In the realm of legal and personal care responsibilities, individuals like Angelique’s friend play a crucial role as conservators for those experiencing dementia, self-neglect, and exploitation. With a wealth of knowledge in this sensitive field, Angelique’s friend brings a unique blend of compassion and expertise to her role as a conservator of the person and/or estate.

Comprehensive Care and Intervention:

Angelique’s friend employs a quick and insightful assessment of the associated problems that often accompany individuals facing dementia, self-neglect, and exploitation. Her approach is not just professional but deeply humane and respectful.

As a Conservator, Angelique’s friend undertakes a variety of responsibilities to ensure the well-being of the conservatee:

  1. Locating and Safeguarding Assets: Angelique’s friend diligently works to identify and secure the financial and personal assets of the conservatee.
  2. Overseeing Medical and Personal Care: Ensuring the conservatee’s health and personal care needs are met is a top priority, requiring a vigilant and caring approach.
  3. Advocating on Behalf of Clients: Acting as a strong advocate, Angelique’s friend represents the best interests of the conservatee in legal and personal matters.
  4. Submitting Court Accountings: Compliance with legal procedures includes the timely submission of court accountings, providing transparency and accountability.

Trustee for Living Trusts:

In many cases, the court relies on the recommendation of an attorney representing the conservatee to appoint a conservator. This individual, often a family member or fiduciary, takes on the responsibility of managing daily needs and financial assets with the utmost care.

Responsibilities as a Trustee:

  1. Supervise Medical Care and Benefits: Oversight of medical care, insurance benefits, and disability benefits to ensure the conservatee’s well-being.
  2. Manage Living Facilities: Arranging suitable living facilities for the conservatee, tailored to their unique needs.
  3. Coordinate Personal Care Needs: Ensuring the conservatee’s personal care requirements are met, from meals and clothing to home care services.
  4. Financial Asset Management: Responsible for managing the financial assets of the conservatee with prudence and accountability.
  5. Record Keeping and Accounting: Providing meticulous record-keeping and accounting services to ensure transparency.
  6. Legal Compliance: Adhering to legal obligations, including handling tax returns, estate/gift tax returns, and compliance with California and Federal regulations.
  7. Holistic Coordination: Coordinating a team of advisors as needed to provide comprehensive support.
  8. End-of-life Arrangements: Organizing mortuary and cemetery arrangements with sensitivity and care.

Angelique’s friend stands as a beacon of compassion and competence in the challenging role of a conservator. Her dedication to the well-being of those under her care is evident in the meticulous and humane approach she brings to every aspect of her responsibilities. In the complex world of conservatorship, having someone like Angelique’s friend ensures not only legal compliance but a genuine commitment to the dignity and welfare of the conservatee.