If you have been keeping tabs on the trendy news, you must have come across the news about Britney Spears. The news about her conservatorship was big news in 2022.

Conservatorship is a legal process and our celebrated attorney Angelique Friend has helped many of our clients through the same. If you want to learn about the term and how it works, here is some help for you.

So, what is conservatorship and how does it work? We will learn in the sections below:

What is Conservatorship?

 In legal terms, a conservatorship is the legal status of guardianship assigned to someone for an adult. In other words, the conservator is given the legal authority to manage the personal and financial affairs of the conservatee.

The conservator monitors and establishes the physical case of the conservatee and needs to manage the living conditions for them. They can also limit the spending decisions of the conservatee. Jurisdictions also call conservatorship by the name of adult guardianship.

A conservatorship keeps in mind the needs of the conservatee, not their interests. They need to keep the conservatee safe and healthy.

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Now, let us look into the different types of conservatorship that CA Probate Services Inc. can assist you with:

Types of Conservatorship

There are different types of conservatorship. Let us explain them below:

  • Physical

In this type of conservatorship, the conservator has complete authority over the life and health of the conservatee. Here, the former decides where the latter should live, what type of healthcare facilities they need, etc.

  • Financial

Under Financial conservatorship, the conservatee’s finances are in complete control of the conservator. The latter may have physical autonomy, they are not allowed to access their investments, money, and properties without permission from the former.

  • Limited

A limited conservatorship is where the conservator has the authority over only a few aspects of the conservatee’s life. Here, the latter is a mentally unstable adult and their needs are given priority along with autonomy.

  • General

In this type of conservatorship, the conservatee’s health, finances, and physical autonomy are under the authority of the conservator. This type of conservatorship is more common.

Besides the four types of conservatorship, there are other three types, based on the duration – short-term (up to 90 days), temporary (for a limited time), and permanent (the rest of the conservatee’s life).

So, these are the different types of conservatorship.

How it Works

Conservatorship happens when a person is not in a state to make the decisions. The mental incapacity of an individual to not make decisions leads to conservatorship.

It may happen because of – coma or incapacity, mental incapacitation due to illnesses like Alzheimer’s, genetic disabilities, etc.

To administer the conservatorship, you will have to go through legal proceedings. Seek assistance from our attorney Angelique Friend who can be a great help in such cases. You may need to go to the state probate or family court to start the process.

To proceed, the court will require the medical paperwork to grant conservatorship. They give opportunities to the conservatee to present their side and be heard. Conservatorship can also be challenged by individuals if it is not the right decision for the conservatee.

For more information on conservatorship, contact Angelique Friend at CA Probate Services Inc. She will help you with the legal proceedings and provide you with all the required assistance.