Probate Service Inc. is a pioneer in the field of probate services. If you have any unresolved complaints regarding your probate situation, feel free to contact, and will walk the extra mile to help.

Working with numerous people to resolve their probate issues, the attorneys at Probate Service Inc. became well-versed in the ins and outs of the processes. From managing the deceased’s estate to handling their trusts, our licensed attorneys take care of everything.

We understand the issues in probate add to the grief of losing a loved one. So, our attorneys will work directly with the executor and ensure all the legal requirements are met for the lawful execution of the probate process. With us, you need not worry about the daunting processes involved. Let us tell you more about it:

  • Trust Administration

Angelique Friend, is a legal trustee that helps clients administer their trusts. Whether an SNT (Special Needs Trist), a Living Trust, or a Charitable Trust, Angelique Friends is the person you can count on.

With years of experience, all the required skills to handle trust money, and a good reputation with clients, Angelique Friend is a good option for a trustee. The attorneys at Probate Service Inc. will help you safeguard your trust assets, report the crucial matters related to trusts to the beneficiary, file tax returns, and administer the trusts.

Probate Service Inc. will administer your trusts according to the legal terms and conditions.

  • Power of Attorney

When it comes to appointing a power of attorney for your financial, medical, or other major decisions, one must be sure about the person they are trusting.

At Probate Services Inc. attorneys have extensive experience in being the power of attorney for the clients. They will make your financial decisions in the absence of a deceased person, look after your assets in case of incapacitation, safeguard your assets from theft and fraud, and protect the interest of your heirs in your absence.

If you want to avail yourself of these benefits and appoint a power of attorney for your major decisions, Probate Services Inc. is a trusted name to count on.

  • Conservatorship

People often go through troubles in life where they are unable to take care of themselves. If someone is dealing with situations like exploitation, self-neglect, dementia, etc. the probate court appoints a conservator to take decisions on behalf of the person.

Angelique Friend has vast experience as the conservator for numerous clients. Her experience and knowledge in probate cases help her take quick action as the conservator of the clients. She assesses the problems fast, looks into them on humanitarian grounds, and follows a respectful approach to take action. She helps the person locate their assets and safeguard them. She also looks after their personal and medical requirements.

As a conservator, Angelique Friend represents the clients as their advocate and submits accounts to the courts as per the recurring requirements.

  • Estate Administration

When probate comes up, we usually think about the estate, which is not wrong. A person’s assets or estate go through the probate process immediately after their death. Through the process, the court goes through their will, if they have any. Then, the estate is collected, and if there are any debts, they are paid. The remainder of the estate is distributed to the legal beneficiaries.

However, people find it quite tough to deal with this entire process on their own. First, it is a lengthy process, and second, the beneficiaries are already going through grief. So, trusting an assigned administrator or executor is the perfect way to do it.

The attorneys at Probate Services Inc. have worked as estate administrators for years now. With the right experience, diligence, good faith, and reliability, we will proceed with your probate process.

So, with Probate Services Inc, you don’t have to worry about any part of your probate processes. Let us know what you need our help with, and we will provide you with trustable, experienced, and licensed attorneys. If you have any unresolved complaints, feel free to contact us.