People becoming rich overnight is an essential thing to happen. Conventionally, the generational pass from one generation to the other gives them a better chance to realize more success and grow their fortune. But facilitating this transfer without obstruction is always challenging, especially if you need trust to make things more transparent.

But what do you do in case there are disagreements in the process? The option of contesting a trust and getting your rightful inheritance. But the chance of you getting any favorable results without a reliable and competent trust protector in California is a far-fetched dream.

This is where competent attorneys like Angelique Friend, can come to your rescue. She is an individual with extensive experience as a trust administrator ensuring all your wishes are honored. Let’s see how you can contest a trust with Probate Services Inc.

What Are The Necessary Steps For Contesting a Trust?

Growing access to advanced technologies has made it significantly easier to content trust, especially when leveraging the competence of an attorney like Angelique Friend. She leverages an entirely new and unique approach to ensure you get what’s rightfully yours with minimal hassle. Over the years of providing these trust protector services, Angelique Friend can help you out here.

So, here are the steps you need to follow to reach Probate Services Inc. and seek redressal.

  • Getting In Touch With a Reliable Litigation Attorney: You must start on the right foot in these cases. That said, what better way to a good start than choosing a competent attorney like Angelique Friend from Probate Services Inc.? You can reach her in her office or through other digital channels such as Skype, emails, Zoom, and more.
  • Discuss Your Situation: The next thing you need to do is discuss the nuances of your situation with our attorney. Ensure you take advantage of everything to win the case.
  • Establish The Grounds For Contest: Now, we will help you establish the ground for contesting the trust. This can be anything from the lack of capacity to undue influence based on your situation.
  • Gather All Documents And Send Demand Letter: Once you have all the necessary documents, it is time to send a demand letter to the opposing party. This is important to determine if they are willing to negotiate and save everyone the trouble.
  • File The Contest Petition: At this stage, our attorney will gather a team of experts at Probate Services Inc. and work on the contest petition. They will take care of everything so that you need not deal with any hassle.
  • Attend Court Hearings And Get Updates: Now, Angelique Friend will contest your case in front of the jury, which can go on depending on the complexity of the case. She will provide regular updates to ensure you get all the benefits.
  • Negotiation: This will be your final attempt to negotiate and find common ground with your opposing party. This is where Angelique Friend’s competent argumentative skills will come in handy to ensure you get nothing short of the best.

Is It Possible To Talk To Your Trust Attorney Virtually?

Your convenience is very important to us at Probate Services Inc.; hence, we leave no stone unturned on this front. You can discuss all the details about your trust case with Angelique Friend via different virtual modes.

Be it text, email, telephone, Zoom, Skype, or any other mode you prefer; we are here for you. All you need to do is to name your preferred method of communication, and Angelique Friend will reach you at your earliest convenience and win you the case.