The process of arranging management and disposal of an individual’s assets during their life and after they pass away is called Estate Planning. The process typically includes making a trust or a will, naming the beneficiaries, and arranging the care for dependents.

For attorneys like Angelique Friend, the goal of estate planning is to make sure that the assets of a person are distributed as per their wishes. It also works in the direction of minimizing taxes and other expenses involved in the process.

The Elements of Estate Planning

Estate planning typically includes several key elements:

  1. A Will or Trust: They are legal document that sums up how a person’s assets will be distributed after their death.
  2. Powers of Attorney: A power of attorney is a legal document that enables a person to appoint someone who can make financial or medical decisions on their behalf in the event of their incapacitation.
  3. Health Care Derivative: A health care directive or a living will is a legal document that communicates a person’s wish in regard to their end-of-life medical care.
  4. Beneficiary Designations: These are used to name the individuals or entities that will receive the assets of an individual like life insurance policies or retirement accounts.
  5. Asset Protection: Estate planning may also include strategies that protect a person’s assets from creditors and other claimants.
  6. Tax Planning: Estate planning also includes strategies where attorneys like Angelique Friend minimize taxes such as estate tax, gift tax, etc. which may turn out to be a significant expense for large estates.
  7. Business Succession Planning: If a client owns a business, estate planning can also include strategies to look after the continuation and management of their business after their death or incapacity.

How Angelique Friend Probate Services Can Help You

Angelique Friend is an experienced probate and estate planning attorney who has been helping clients with their estate planning needs for many years. She has a deep understanding of the legal process and can guide you through the process of creating a will, setting up a trust, and managing the distribution of your assets.

  • Knowledge and Experience

Angelique Friend has a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that surround estate planning. She has a significant amount of experience in creating estate plans for several clients.

  • Communication 

Angelique Friend Trustee communicates complex legal concepts and regulations in a smooth and easy-to-understand manner. She is well-versed in her work and stays abreast of the latest amends made in law and regulations. 

  • Loved by The Clients 

Angelique Friend has received many positive reviews from her clients. They have praised her for her knowledge, experience, and professionalism. They have also appreciated her for her ability to explain the legal process in a way that is easy to understand. Here is one of the many positive Angelique Friend reviews:

“Angelique Friend is very knowledgeable in her field and I have experienced her thoughtfulness and caring ways of protecting and handling clients and their care and health issues.” Richard B.

To sum up, Estate Planning is a vital legal aspect that allows you to plan for the distribution of your assets after your death. It ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and that your loved ones are cared for. However, estate planning can be a complicated and confusing process, which is why it is critical to seek the advice of a professional. Angelique Friend is an experienced probate and estate planning attorney who can assist you with your estate planning needs. She has a thorough understanding of the legal process and can help you create a will, establish a trust, and manage the distribution of your assets.