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Trustee for living trusts:

trustee for living trusts

A trustee is a third party charged with taking care of the property owned by a living trust. In fact, legal title, meaning paper title, to the property in the living trust is actually held in the name of the trustee, subject to the terms of the living trust, for long as the property is in the living trust. Our office takes care of all the administrative tasks relating to the trust, including preparing and filing all the required trust paperwork such as tax documents, conveyance documents and distributions to the beneficiary.

Special Needs Trusts:

trustee for living trusts

Without a properly structured Special Needs Trust, the State of California and the courts will determine how your family member with special needs will be treated. They will decide who will raise your children, including possible foster care until a guardian can be assigned. They will direct how any inheritance will be spent. They will control most everything.

Charitable Remainder Trusts:

trustee for living trusts

A charitable remainder trust is a trust that provides for a specified distribution, at least annually, to one or more beneficiaries, at least one of which is not a charity. The distribution must be paid at least annually for life or for a term of years, with an irrevocable remainder interest to be held for the benefit of, or paid over to, one or more qualified charities.

Is a Charitable Remainder Trust right for me?

The CRT is a good option if you want an immediate charitable deduction, but also have a need for an income stream to yourself or another person. It is also a good option if you want to establish one by will to provide for heirs, with the remainder going to charities of your choosing.

Trust Protector:

trustee for living trusts

A trust protector is someone who is appointed to watch over a trust that will be in effect for a long time and ensure that it is not adversely affected by any changes in the law or circumstances. You can name a trust protector in your trust document, which will also dictate the trust protector’s powers. Here are some powers that a trust protector may be given:
• Remove and replace a trustee
• Allow the trust to be amended due to changes in the law
• Resolve disputes between trustees (if there is more than one) or between beneficiaries and the trustee(s)
• Change distributions from the trust based on changes in the beneficiaries’ lives
• Allow new beneficiaries to be added if there are additional descendants
• Veto investment decisions

Estate Administration:

trustee for living trusts

When a person dies, his/or her estate will likely go through the probate process, whether or not they left a will. During probate, the estate will be collected, debts paid and remaining assets distributed to beneficiaries. The person assigned the duty of managing the estate through this process is called an administrator or executor.

An estate administrator has a “fiduciary duty” to the estate. The Probate Services team have the duty to act with good faith, diligence and honesty on behalf of the estate, including an obligation to the estate’s heirs to properly preserve the assets of the estate, pay the legitimate debts of the decedent, pay taxes due and distribute assets to the appropriate heirs.

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trustee for living trusts

We assemble qualified and economic care-giving teams that are culturally competent and patient-centered including languages spoken. We coordinate their efforts and track and record their progress against realistic care objectives, goals, and milestones.

Knowledge is Power

According to the Administration for Community Living, in the Camarillo Health Care District, they define elder abuse as “any knowing, intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult”

Who Is At Risk? Generally speaking, older adults who are dependent upon others for their overall care, their nutrition, the handling of their finances, and the management of their living environment are identified as most at-risk to be victims of elder abuse, and factors such as declining physical or cognitive health, and isolation form others can increase the likelihood of becoming a victim.

Did you Know?

Only 1 in 23 cases of elder abuse in the U.S. reported

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