trustee for living trusts

Angelique’s knowledge of people experiencing dementia, self-neglect and exploitation enables her to quickly assess the associated problems and intervene with the most humane, respectful approach possible. As Conservator of the person and/or estate, she:

  • Locates and safeguards assets
  • Oversees medical and personal care
  • Advocates on behalf of clients
  • Submits court accountings as required
trustee for living trusts

Usually an attorney representing the conservatee recommends to the court a conservator, which usually is a family member or fiduciary. The court approves the conservator after an investigation to manage a conservatee’s daily needs and financial assets. The conservator must follow the law and act in the best interest of the conservatee with the highest trust, accountability and responsibility.

  • Supervise medical care, insurance benefits, and disability benefits
  • Arrange a living facility
  • Manage personal care needs
  • Monitor meals and clothing
  • Manage home care services
  • Arrange housekeeping services
  • Arrange transportation and daily activities
  • Manage financial assets
  • Provide record keeping and accounting services
  • Coordinate a team of advisors as needed
  • Assure that the appropriate California and Federal Income tax returns, including the estate/gift tax return, are filled out properly and filed on time.
  • Organize and handle all mortuary and cemetery arrangements
  • Provide court accounting and conservatee’s current status report